Hearing Aids in Peterborough to Fit Your Lifestyles

After your auditory tests, our staff at Hearing Unlimited can help you choose from a variety of hearing aid models to best fit your needs. We provide the hearing aids Peterborough needs, including:

Behind the Ear (BTE) – Sturdy and easy to clean, this hearing aid rests behind the patient’s ear with the earpiece connected to the case by a clear tube. BTE fits a variety of ear shapes, which makes it comfortable for children as they grow.

Open Fit – Open fit hearing aids sit behind the ear like BTE aids, but they are smaller. This type of hearing air also keeps the ear ventilated, which allows for more low frequency sounds to be picked up.

In the Ear (ITE) – These hearing airs are contained within the ear lobe.

Canal Hearing Aids (ITC or CIC) – As the names imply, in-the-canal and completely-in-the-canal hearing aids fit either partially or completely in your ear canal. Clients appreciate their small, inconspicuous size.

We also sell a variety of ear plugs and other hearing devices, including:

  • Swim plugs
  • Sleep plugs
  • Noise plugs
  • Hunters' plugs
  • Musicians' plugs
  • Bluetooth®
  • Custom iPod and Bluetooth® plugs
  • Assistive listening devices (ALDs) – these can be used for TV, music, education and recreation
  • Infrared
  • FM Systems®
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We proudly carry the following industry-trusted hearing aid brands:

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